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The French Minister for Agrifood Industries, Guillaume Garot, received a delegation of US journalists on September 8 on the topic of Cognac spirits production in France and exports from France and consumption of the beloved beverage in the US. The French Minister presented the origin of Cognac Protected Designation of Origin and discussed the US […]

Regardless of the way it is consumed, Cognac is, from the far East to the American continent and in Europe, synonymous with great quality, France and its art de vivre. The product is so popular that, worldwide, more than 300 bottles of Cognac are sold per minute—that’s five per second. The Cognac production area, bordering […]

Armagnac is a very old brandy from the Southwest of France. During the Middle Ages it was used for its therapeutic properties; at this time the Armagnac was called “the ardent water” and was sold at local markets but also in the Vatican. The brandy began its commercial development during the sixteenth century and, in […]