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Reblochon cheese is a high-quality cheese of the French terroir. Its Designated zone of Origin covers about 184 villages in the ”départements” of Savoie and Haute-Savoie and its name derives from the patois term “reblocher” which means to milk the cow a second time. With a reddish-orange-washed rind, and thin layer of mold, Reblochon is […]

What does “Vin de Primeur” Mean ? A “vin de primeur” is a wine which may, under condition of “Appellation d’origine protégée” (AOP) regulations, be sold in the same year in which its grapes were harvested. These are fruity and aromatic wines with refreshing acidity.   A Little History The occupation of France by the […]

Nougat of Montélimar

May 6, 2015

The nougat of Montélimar is a famous candy made in the South of France. To make the sweet treat, a mixture of sugar, egg whites, lavender honey, vanilla, almonds, and pistachios is poured into bread-lined molds. The paste progressively hardens and after a few hours, the nougat is removed from the mold and cut into […]

In 1938, the Grenoble walnut became the first fruit to receive the French quality symbol equivalent to the European “Protected Designation of Origin” (PDO). This designation protects the name, guarantees the link between a product and its geographical origin (the “terroir”) and ensures that walnuts are produced according the traditional “savoir-faire”, passed down from one […]

The cultivation of the chestnut in the department Ardèche (South of France) began in the 9th century, when Benedictine monks planted the first chestnut trees. It spread throughout the whole region by the 15th century, where it remained a staple of the Ardèchoise diet until the 19th century. Chestnut trees were called “Bread trees” because […]

  Beaufort is an exquisite cheese made in the French Alps in the departément Savoie. Beaufort evolved over its hundreds of years of production and gained its own distinctiveness and renown. This dense cheese is of a harder, smooth texture, with a varying shades of yellow depending on which seasonal variety is being produced. Like […]