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Celebrated exactly 40 days after Chrismas, on February 2nd, Candlemas is essentially synonymous with conviviality. This tradition, originally a Roman feast, has been continued from generation to generation. Candlemas has several origins, but whether pagan or Christian, the key is to respect the rule of homemade! The History and Traditions of “La Chandeleur” Candlemas like […]

In the beginning of January, French bakeries are filled with a special cake: la galette. Much more than just a cake, this pastry is a beloved tradition that traces its roots back to the Roman Empire. The tradition of Tirer les rois that is to say to “Find the King” at the beginning of the […]

The “Navarin printanier d’agneau” – a kind of lamb stew – is a traditional spring recipe that mixes lamb meat of the year and the early vegetables. According to the legend, this recipe was invented by the chef that was cooking for the French Armada the day of the victory of France, United Kingdom and […]

Bread Week in France

May 5, 2015

From May 14 to 20, France celebrates bread with workshops and tastings all around the country. This is a great event to remember the ancient tradition of bread-making and to learn more about this area of French culinary expertise History : The first French bakery opened during the 6th century, but it was only in […]