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The Guérande salt marshes and their history The Guérande salt marshes are located in southern Brittany, a region in north-west France, between the mouths of the rivers Loire and Vilaine, along the Atlantic Ocean. They form a very large wetland zone, stretching nearly 5,000 acres across 9 communes (French municipalities), from Guérande (in the south) […]

Muscadet Wine (PDO)

May 6, 2015

Muscadet wine appeared during the 17th century, in the traditional wine region of the Loire Valley. The Muscadet name has been protected since 1937 under an AOC, and later a PDO, which covers an area of 32.000 acres. Muscadet wine is exclusively a white wine. It is nowadays one of the most popular wines in […]

The Brioche Vendéenne is the most iconic variations of brioche. In fact, in 2004 it became the first baked good to obtain a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI). Only brioche made in the Vendée and its neighboring departments in central western France are therefore able to call their brioche “Vendéenne,” so long as the strict preparation […]