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The Pont L’Evèque is a soft cheese from Normandy made from cow’s milk with a washed-rind, easily recognizable by its consistent square shape. It is one of the world’s more ancient cheeses, created in the XII century by Cistercian monks from Caen city. The Pont L’Evèque is a soft cheese from Normandy made from cow’s […]

Livarot is a soft-ripened, rind- washed cheese made from cow’s milk in an area of Normandy called “Pays d’Auge”. It is one of the oldest cheeses from Normandy. It has been labelled with an AOC since 1975 (and a PDO, subsequently). With a shiny and smooth orange-red rind, a cylindrical shape and a strong taste, […]

Le Beurre D’Isigny (‘The Butter from Isigny’) is a renowned, high quality butter produced in the Normandy région in Northwest France. It is made from only the freshest cow’s milk, taken between 24 and 48 hours of natural production, where it is then refined through the old-fashioned churning process. Isigny butter is known for its […]

The story behind apple cider from Pays d’Auge begins fifteen hundred years ago in the 6th century, at when the apple seed had reached what is now modern day Normandy (Northwest France) from its native continent, Africa. Fermenting apple juice was already a well-established tradition at the time, the alcoholic product known to the Normands […]