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A meal is not just about eating. This could be a French motto. Indeed, 95.2% of French people think a gastronomic meal is part of their identity and their cultural background. In 2010, The Gastronomic Meal of The French was listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO nomination form. According to UNESCO, the […]

French people are highly attached to their culinary heritage. 98.7% of French people think the French gastronomic meal has to be passed to future generations. But what exactly do French people mean when they talk about their food culture? IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT FOOD Is it our culture, our heritage, our gastronomy, our climate…? […]

The French have a festive and convivial tradition of gathering before a meal to share a glass of wine, cocktails and savory small dishes. It is the Apéritif. Originally conceived to “whet the appetite” before dinner or lunch, the Apéritif is part of the famous French gourmet meal which was added in 2010 to UNESCO’s […]

French Eating Habits

May 5, 2015

Food is a celebrated element of French culture. That includes not only gastronomy, culinary heritage and quality products, but also tradition and food habits such as “three meals a day” and eating together. However, French eating habits have changed, as studies since 1986 have shown. Eating Time and Habits Have Changed According to the latest […]