Upper Normandy

May 11, 2015

Cider from the Pays d’Auge Cider from the Pays d’Auge is an apple-based alcoholic drink made in the Normandy région of France, boasting a history that is as rich as its flavor. READ MORE The Neufchâtel Cheese The Neufchâtel is a soft-ripened cheese made from cow’s milk in the area of Normandy called “Pays de […]

In 2010, the French fishing industry’s production totaled 470,000 tons of fish; France is the fourth country in the European Union in terms of catches. The three main species caught in 2009 were albacore, sardine and skipjack. In 2009, the total fishery sales in mainland France were about 1 billion euros. Production areas French fishing […]

The “DOM” is composed of ‘Departments Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane and Réunion. As the Departments are islands, in order to approach food autonomy they need to develop their agriculture and fishing, implement structured fields, and encourage the consumption of local products. All of these enable the territories to create economic activity and jobs. Furthermore, it allows […]

There is a new label on the shelves in France. Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister of Agriculture, presented this “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (High Environmental Value) logo as a means of recognizing agrifood farms and establishments that meet the highest environmental standards of production. The logo will appear on all products that come from such certified […]

On October 7th the French Minister of Agriculture Stephane Le Foll revealed the nature of the French Public Food Policy (PPA) through the presentation of four revamped axes of the updated policy. These four priorities better reflect and support contemporary French society and represent the desire to establish high quality food and nutrition as a […]