Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry

year Original article: Translated by Juliette Paemelaere Several cities are implementing shared gardens within their territories, hoping this will enhance their citizens’ health, while contributing to their overall effort towards sustainable development. Yet, the exact impacts this practice has on gardeners remain unclear. To answer this question, INRAE researchers investigated on shared gardens in […]

The agro-ecological transition will necessitate changing a certain number of growing practices. It can also be helped by the selection and creation of plant varieties that are more resistant to water stress or bio-aggressors (predator insects, fungi, viruses, etc.). The challenges we face are numerous. Climate change Beyond the global increase in temperatures, farmers will […]

The French government recently announced innovative measures to accelerate the contribution of the wood and forestry industry to France’s commitment to a low-carbon future. Julien Denormandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister for Housing, and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Industry, recently made changes to the wood and forestry strategic contract signed in […]

“Les fermes DEPHY” are a French network of farms committed to reducing the use of plant health products (phytosanitary products, like artificial chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, among others). The DEPHY network is organized around four goals: Encouraging change, including in the apprenticeship dynamic Supporting innovative processes Capitalizing on and sharing technique knowledge and resources […]

A new measure, launched by the French Ministry for Agriculture and Food, is financed with 10 million euros, and allows new farmers (having worked less than five years) to perform personalized carbon diagnostics of their farm. This tool helps to identify different actions farmers can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to develop carbon […]

French forests must face several different crises at once: Droughts, an invasion of bark beetles, armyworms, etc. Across France, events like these are being reported, largely due to the acceleration of climate change. Since 2018, large parts of public forests have been devastated, with species previously thought of as being perfectly adapted to their area […]

How can you recognize the main tree species present in metropolitan France? What animal left this footprint? To answer questions like these, the French National Office of Forests (ONF) developed an application called Keys to the Forest (“Clés de forêt”) ten years ago, and a new version was just launched in March that includes a […]

Numerous French primary schools have expressed a desire to join in the sustainable development movement by developing their supply of local high-quality products, particularly organic products. Moving from theory to practice often necessitates a large initial investment, particularly for small communities: School cafeterias generally need to equip themselves with materials allowing for cooking fresh products, […]

Bringing together producers from all across France, the Organic Christmas Trees of France Association was founded in 2020. Among them is France Sapin Bio, an Ariège Valley business founded in 2013 that sells 15,000 organic trees per year. The environmentally responsible business also sells Christmas trees in different forms. Here’s an in-depth look at how […]

In southern France, a new project has put in place different tools to respond to issues of food and the local economy. During the COVID-19 health crisis, the interactive map Cliketik allows residents to have more awareness on purchasing locally. During the first period of lockdowns earlier this spring in France, the question was quickly […]