Policies & Programs

French Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie on Oct. 12 visited a school in Clichy-sous-Bois in the département of Seine-Saint-Denis as part of the food component of the Relaunch France plan. During this visit, Denormandie presented several measures to accelerate providing healthy, sustainable, and local products to school cafeterias. In the morning, the minister […]

In the Drôme département of France, the Biovallée project has set a goal of 50% of farms becoming certified as organic producers by 2040. As part of this goal, a local community has purchased agricultural lands to provide access to four new farmers. ‘When you do not come from the agricultural world, access to land […]

To achieve the agroecological transition, investing in the modernization of equipment to provide farmers with more environmentally friendly materials is a priority. Farmers also need to transform their equipment to better adapt to climate change. French citizens expect an agriculture that uses less input materials, in particular concerning plant protection products like pesticides and herbicides. […]

French Prime Minister Jean Castex presented on Sept. 3 the “Relaunch France” plan, a roadmap for economic, social, and environmental rebuilding of the country. One hundred billion euros have been dedicated to the plan, of which 1.2 billion are allocated to agriculture. The agriculture aspects of the plan set three goals: Strengthening food sovereignty Accelerating […]

Guaranteeing to all a healthy, safe, sustainable, high-quality and local food supply is one of the goals of the French government and meets the high expectations of French citizens. To succeed in this ambition, it is necessary to speed up the agroecological transition of the French agriculture and food systems to ensure a better recognition […]

The French ministries of the environment and of agriculture and food committed at the beginning of the year to releasing the total quantities of phytosanitary products sold thus far in 2019 by the end of June. In accordance with this commitment to transparency, provisional data were published at the end of the month. These provisional […]

A new French law relating to transparency of agricultural and food products labeling was adopted May 27 by the French National Assembly. This law, supported by the French government, incorporates several of the ideas presented in the Estates General of Food, but that needed, for procedural reasons, a specific proposition that was just voted. This […]

Led by the Institute of Animal Husbandry (a private institute of applied research for the livestock sector), Life Beef Carbon is a European research project being carried out in four countries, France, Ireland, Spain and Italy. Its goal? Reducing the carbon footprint of beef meat production by 15% in ten years. Feedback indicates that the […]

Mobilizing research efforts to accelerate the agro-ecological transition responds to a strong demand from public officials, professionals and society, both in France and in Europe. To address this major challenge, rethinking the way that research should be conducted and developing a common research and experimental strategy not just at the national level is the subject […]

In 2012, in order to promote an recognize the actions on environment by some farmers and ranchers, the French Government, designed, in consultation with all the stakeholder in environment and agriculture, a voluntary system, certified by independent third parties, the High Environmental Value (HEV): the system consists of three tiers, to reflect a more a […]