Food Security

Thanks to the French Recovery Plan, 442 local projects working to encourage access to a greater number of fresh and local projects are going to be launched. The financing behind these projects, totaling 12.3 million euros for the first wave, will help start numerous initiatives like putting in place things like solidarity grocery stores or […]

France launched a new National Program on Food and Nutrition (PNAN) on Sept. 23. This program sets the course of policy for food and nutrition for the French government over the next five years, and also aims at joining actions on both food policy and nutrition, which both benefited from a National Plan, into a […]

Since 2015, the organization Solidarity of Agricultural Producers and the Food Businesses (SOLAAL) has encouraged the link between donors and food aid charities. During the Paris International Agricultural Show in February 2019, SOLAAL unveiled its new platform for making food donations easier. Donors may now send a donation at any time or place. A recognized […]

A new Director General for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will be elected in June by the nearly 200 countries, including the United States, which are members of this organization. While the UN’s World Food Programme is concentrated on the logistics of providing food urgently to those in need, the […]

Agricultural soils are a strategic resource for states, as they are indispensable in feeding the population, and are thus important for food security. If, on the one hand, they can support solid economic activity, which is particularly important in rural areas where agriculture constitutes the spinal column of human activity, they are also a fragile […]

In France, 10 million tons of food go to waste every year, including 1.2 million tons of which are still perfectly edible. To fight against this food waste, a Parisian group known as Biocycle has become an important connecting tool between shopkeepers and charity organizations, thanks to a fleet of tricycles that redistributes close to […]

From mid-October until the end of November, the Alimenterre Festival is proposing hundreds of events all across France on the theme of “The future is at stake on our plates.” Organized each year during the same period for the past ten years, the Alimenterre Festival is an international unmissable event linked to issues about the […]

Is it possible to improve the food supply of people having to face financial difficulties, while taking into account both nutritional quality and food price? According to a new study from the French Institute of Agronomic Research, the answer is yes, based on more than five years of research in poor neighborhoods of Marseille in […]

The French Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, recently signed the second National Pact Against Food Waste for the period of 2017-2020. This plan aims for a 50% reduction in food waste by 2025, through encouraging better management of unsold food products and food donations, by reinforcing innovation and partnerships between actors, deploying new communication […]

More than 200 organizations have already signed the “4 per 1000 Initiative: Soils for Food Security and Climate,” representing important progress for soil, agriculture and climate. Bringing together civil society, nations, international funds and organizations was a challenge; bringing together 200 of them around a table on the question of agriculture and soils was a […]