Product of the Month

Discover some of France’s traditional food products, one month at a time!

The artichoke is an old crop in the Roussillon area of southern France, where it has been cultivated since at least the 17th century. In around 1830, the production of this crop booms. Starting in the beginning of the 20th century, it is shipped all across France and to Germany and England thanks to the […]

Picodon cheese is a goat’s milk cheese coming from the Ardèche and Drome area, in the Rhône valley region, and has benefitted from Protected Designation of Origin status since 1983. Picodon, whose name comes from the local Occitan language and means “spicy,” is a creamy, full flavored cheese that has been described as slightly sour, […]

Provence thyme is one of the newest French agricultural products benefitting from protected designation of origin status, having been granted EU-wide protection by the European Commission in October 2018. A perennial, Provence thyme is grown either in fields or collected from the wild. Provence thyme is easy to distinguish from other varieties of the thyme […]

The Coco de Paimpol is a variety of bean, presented in pods, that has benefits from protected designation or origin status since 1998, but has been grown in Brittany since at least the 1920s. Grown around the town of Paimpol, in northwestern part of the Côtes d’Armor department on the coast of northern Brittany (northwestern […]

The first wood to obtain protected designation of origin status, Chartreuse Wood is a sign of quality and authenticity. Renowned for its resistance and solidness for several centuries, this construction wood, produced from pine and spruce trees, is also part of an initiative of preserving the territory and environment through a well thought-out forest management […]

The cider of Brittany is a drink that is truly emblematic of this coastal region of northwest France. It is made from a selective choice of cider apples and presents fine bubbles and a light foam. The apples come from varieties that range from bitter, bittersweet, tart, or sweet and must be produced in the […]

In the confines of Champagne and Burgundy regions, Chaource, a cheese benefitting from protected designation of origin status, has cross the centuries thanks to a tradition firmly anchored in its terroir. It is presented today in its finest trappings: a white and fluffy crust that melts easily and aromas of cream and mushroom with a […]

Alsace Sauerkraut (Choucroute d’Alsace in French) is a traditional sauerkraut dish and a staple of Alsace cuisine, made using a natural cabbage fermentation process. It is often paired with red meat, fish, beer or white wine from its native Alsace region, in eastern France along the border with Germany. Alsace Sauerkraut is a very well-known […]

On the Cotentin peninsula on the English Channel (in the Normandy region), subject to the most powerful tides in Europe, Cotentin cider carries with it the strength of its birthplace. Non-carbonated, unpasteurized, this authentic, full-bodied and slightly sweet cider displays its nature with the characteristic taste of the sea, punctuated by the subtlest hints of […]

The Queen Victoria Pineapple is smaller than African and South American pineapples, but has a deliciously fragrant taste. It is harvest ripe on the French island territory of Réunion in the Indian Ocean from December to January, and then sent by plane to mainland France. In that ways, it doesn’t lose any of its flavors […]