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Discover some of France’s traditional food products, one month at a time!

The Bayonne Ham (PGI)

May 6, 2015

A Culinary Heritage from the South East of France The Bayonne Ham is a thousand year-old tradition from the Adour river basin region. Famous French aristocrats –like Rabelais or the French king Henri IV – were very fond of this type of ham. Nowadays the Bayonne ham has a very good reputation all over Europe. […]

Muscadet Wine (PDO)

May 6, 2015

Muscadet wine appeared during the 17th century, in the traditional wine region of the Loire Valley. The Muscadet name has been protected since 1937 under an AOC, and later a PDO, which covers an area of 32.000 acres. Muscadet wine is exclusively a white wine. It is nowadays one of the most popular wines in […]

The cultivation of the chestnut in the department Ardèche (South of France) began in the 9th century, when Benedictine monks planted the first chestnut trees. It spread throughout the whole region by the 15th century, where it remained a staple of the Ardèchoise diet until the 19th century. Chestnut trees were called “Bread trees” because […]

The Pinot Noir is the only red wine produced in the Alsace region (East part of France, at the German Boarder), which is most commonly known for white wines. In decline since the 16th century, this light and fruity red wine has been attracting new interest over the past few years. Given its very low […]

The Piment d’Espelette is a hot pepper that has been used for five centuries in a region of France called the Basque country (South West – bordering Spain). The cultivar was originally imported from South America in 1650 but it was quickly integrated into Basque culture as they replaced the pepper with the Espelette Chili […]

Regardless of the way it is consumed, Cognac is, from the far East to the American continent and in Europe, synonymous with great quality, France and its art de vivre. The product is so popular that, worldwide, more than 300 bottles of Cognac are sold per minute—that’s five per second. The Cognac production area, bordering […]

Armagnac is a very old brandy from the Southwest of France. During the Middle Ages it was used for its therapeutic properties; at this time the Armagnac was called “the ardent water” and was sold at local markets but also in the Vatican. The brandy began its commercial development during the sixteenth century and, in […]

In the Southwest region of France called Aquitaine, bordering the largest European estuary named the Gironde, lies the small commune of Pauillac. This little community of around 5,000 people is home to one of the most highly-reputed vineyards for red wine in the country. All of 3000 acres of Pauillac vineyards are located within the […]

The Brioche Vendéenne is the most iconic variations of brioche. In fact, in 2004 it became the first baked good to obtain a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI). Only brioche made in the Vendée and its neighboring departments in central western France are therefore able to call their brioche “Vendéenne,” so long as the strict preparation […]

  Beaufort is an exquisite cheese made in the French Alps in the departément Savoie. Beaufort evolved over its hundreds of years of production and gained its own distinctiveness and renown. This dense cheese is of a harder, smooth texture, with a varying shades of yellow depending on which seasonal variety is being produced. Like […]