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Product of the month: Berthoud

September 28, 2020

After having its specifications approved by the national council of Protected Geographic Indications, the “Berthoud” has just officially been recognized as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) by the European Commission. After Bouchot mussels in 2013, Berthoud became the second French traditional specialty to be recognized. The typical Berthoud recipe was developed at the beginning of […]

Numerous tourist routes crisscross the vineyards of France. Between the 140,000 wineries and about 30 different museums, these paths allow for wine tastings, to meet the wine producers, and also to appreciate the local landscapes and architectures: It is made-in-France wine tourism. Aromas, scents, and colors: The wine route is above all a multi-sensory experience. […]

The Noirmoutier Potato became one of the newest French geographical indications to obtain protected status on the European-Union level when it was approved July 1, 2020. This official sign of origin and quality confers the product protection on the European scale. The first crops of potatoes on the island of Noirmoutier date back to the […]

Since June 2020, the traditional seasonal migrations of pasture animals practiced by French shepherds and animal husbandry professionals (called “transhumance”) is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage in France. This recognition is the first important step before being proposed as a candidate for international recognition of this traditional practice as an intangible cultural heritage by […]

A fresh whole goat milk cheese, the Brousse du Rove cheese has just received protected designation of origin status, giving it protection at the European Union level after having been granted the equivalent status at the French national level in 2018. This raw milk cheese is mainly produced in the département of Bouches-du-Rhône but also […]

The regional economic observatory of signs of quality and origin of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, which brings together several partner organizations of the INAO, the French National Institute of Origin and Quality, published a study June 11 on the added value that can be brought by choosing to produce organic products or products under geographic indications for the […]

Nîmes Olives are crunchy and juicy green olives grown in and around the Gard département of southern France and nowhere else. It is often made into a high-quality olive oil, known for its aromas of artichoke and leafy greenness. The presence of olive trees in this region dates back to antiquity, which attest to the […]

The Corsican kiwi is one of the most recent French agricultural products to obtain protected geographic indication status in France, having been granted this prestigious level of distinction March 31, 2020. This status dedicates the production to a specific area and gives it protection across the European Union. Growing the Corsican kiwi started at the […]

Provence Olive Oil obtained protected designation of origin status February 21, which gives this exceptional product recognition and protection at the European Union level. Provence Olive Oil is a virgin or extra virgin olive oil obtain exclusively by mechanical means, primarily from Aglandau varieties of olives (at least 20%), Bouteillan, Cayon and Salonenque. It is […]

Pommeau de Bretagne, a specialty of the Brittany region of northwestern France, is an alcoholic drink made by mixing apple juice with lambig, a type of apple brandy. Pommeau de Bretagne is distinguished from similar drinks by it perfect balance between sweetness, sourness and bitterness. Depending on the age of the product, its aromatic palette […]