French Culture & Savoir‐Faire

The Order of Agricultural Merit, or “l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole”, is a French order that rewards those persons – both French and foreigners – who have made noteworthy contributions to French agriculture. Regulated by the France’s Ministry of Agriculture, this prestigious order consists of three levels or “grades” – Chevalier (Knight), Officier (Officer) and Commandeur […]

It’s September, and that means back to school. For most students in France and the United States, returning to school means readopting the cafeteria diet. For schoolchildren at Langouët elementary school in Brittany (northwest of France), their school-time diet is organic only. That’s right, this elementary school in the commune of Ille-et-Vilaine prepares all of […]

France has engineered a spectacular pavilion for the Expo Milano 2015 that responds creatively to the theme of the exposition: ‘feeding the planet, energy for life.’ The inter-professional creative team collaborated to design a structure based on four themes: the promotion of sustainable agriculture, improvement and increase in production, pleasure and health, and the transfer […]

The INAO turns 80

May 5, 2015

France’s National Institute for Quality and Origin (INAO), the public organization responsible for the regulation of French Geographic Indications and quality labels, celebrates in 2015 its 80th anniversary. In France, there are only seven state-regulated signs of quality and origin:  AOC (Controlled designation of origin); PDO (Protected Designation of Origin); PGI (Protected Geographic Indication); The […]

French people are highly attached to their culinary heritage. 98.7% of French people think the French gastronomic meal has to be passed to future generations. But what exactly do French people mean when they talk about their food culture? IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT FOOD Is it our culture, our heritage, our gastronomy, our climate…? […]

France and the French Ministry of Agriculture support the development of agro-ecology. French Agricultural Minister, Stéphane Le Foll, will be attending the International Symposium on Agro-ecology this year in Rome, where top leaders and minds in the field will gather to exchange about this important field. Agro-ecology is a budding science. As standards for quality […]

An inside look into this special event! 10:00am. After your delicious French breakfast with “croissants” and “baguette-beurre-confiture,” you arrive at metro station “Porte de Versailles” at the International Agricultural Exibition. Discovering Farm Animals… You enter the huge doors and go first to Hall 1 where you can see around 3500 farm animals among the most […]

The “Navarin printanier d’agneau” – a kind of lamb stew – is a traditional spring recipe that mixes lamb meat of the year and the early vegetables. According to the legend, this recipe was invented by the chef that was cooking for the French Armada the day of the victory of France, United Kingdom and […]

Bread Week in France

May 5, 2015

From May 14 to 20, France celebrates bread with workshops and tastings all around the country. This is a great event to remember the ancient tradition of bread-making and to learn more about this area of French culinary expertise History : The first French bakery opened during the 6th century, but it was only in […]

The French have a festive and convivial tradition of gathering before a meal to share a glass of wine, cocktails and savory small dishes. It is the Apéritif. Originally conceived to “whet the appetite” before dinner or lunch, the Apéritif is part of the famous French gourmet meal which was added in 2010 to UNESCO’s […]