French Culture & Savoir‐Faire

Reunion Island Vanilla has officially been recognized as a protected geographic indication: Its application was officially accepted August 27, 2021 by the European Commission, meaning it now has protection and recognition across the European Union. This is the first GI product designation for this French Indian Ocean territory since 2008. Vanilla was first cultivated by […]

Fifty percent of meat consumed in school cafeterias in France is currently imported. The French government has made the supply of fresh, high quality, local foods in institutional catering a priority. Julien Denormandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, recently announced new measures to strengthen the quality of food in institutional catering. Inform Knowing the […]

Alpilles wines are produced on a rocky plateau in southern France around the small Alpilles mountain range. This region is among the most picturesque in France and has inspired artists like Cézanne and Van Gogh, and the small town Les Beaux de Provence, located in the area, has been recognized as one of the most […]

Côteaux de Ventoux cherries have joined the club of French agricultural products protected by a geographic indication, having recently been granted the coveted Protected Geographic Indication status by the European Union. This large-caliber red cherry can be found on French market stands from May to mid-July. It is grown in the foothills of Mont Ventoux […]

Cadours purple garlic (Ail violet de Cadours) is characterized by its violet outer peel and streaks of purplish color. It is a large type of garlic, with a rounded form and the cloves are either ivory white or slightly purplish. Eaten raw or cooked, it presents a strong garlicy odor. It is the earliest of […]

A form of the classic French recipe, Hachis Parmentier, or beef and potato casserole, has just received recognition as a “Red Label” product. The French Red Label certifies that an agricultural product is of a superior quality and has met a very stringent set of standards developed and approved by experts in order to ensure […]

Since September 2020, fifteen bakeries in the Cher and Indre départements of France have been offering a baguette produced from a mix of wheat grains coming from a certified High Environmental Value farm: The Epi Toué baguette. (‘Epi Toué’ is a play on words coming from an expression in the local Berrichon language or dialect, […]

On Feb. 4, Périgord Walnut Oil obtained protected designation of origin status: special recognition for this exceptional product, locally known as “yellow gold,” which now benefits from protection across the European Union. Périgord Walnut Oil is a virgin oil, obtained entirely from mechanical processes, extracted either hot or cold. It is obtained exclusively from high […]

The Castelnaudary bean is a white dry bean of the Phaseolus vulgaris species with an ivory white color. It has a large grain with a kidney shape which rehydrates which, once cooked, allows it to be soft and melting in consistency, while maintaining its shape and its skin. It was introduced by Catherine de Medicis […]

The Cevennes Chestnut is one of France’s newest agricultural products benefitting from Protected Designation of Origin status, but the history of this agricultural tradition dates all the way back to the 11th Century. Over the ages, chestnut groves, which grew to cover 120,000 acres across its region of production, became the epicenter of an ecosystem […]