Research & Innovation

On Aug. 30, 2021, as part of a meeting bringing together a panel of startups, financers, and stakeholders, French Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie, and Cédric O, State Secretary for the Digital Economy, started a new collective effort to encourage building the French Agri-Tech sector, and to support innovation in the service of […]

Agricultural intensification and the extinction of semi-natural habitats at the fringes of fields have led to a general decline of bird communities in European farming landscapes. Their conservation has become a major issue for agricultural regions, especially where viticulture prevails, because of both the essential services they bring to farmers, such as the regulation of […]

Translated by Juliette Paemelaere Farm lands worldwide cover about 38% of land above sea level. Critics often underline their greenhouse gas emissions, yet when used reasonably with virtuous farming practices, they can contribute to the fight against climate change through carbon sequestration. The National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE), represented by its […]

For the second consecutive year, small and medium-sized businesses were designated by the Ministry for Agriculture and Food as well as Bpifrance to participate in the Agrifood Accelerator, a support program for small and medium sized businesses in the French food sector. Those selected will benefit from a tailor-made support program over a two-year period. […]

Many INRAE scientists undertake research projects using animals as models for fundamental research (understanding biological mechanisms), or for research on animal health, genetic and reproduction, nutrition, animal welfare, agroecological livestock systems biodiversity, environmental protection and wild species conservation.. The long-term goal is to develop alternative testing methods. For cases where replacement by other approaches is […]

Towards greener vineyards

December 11, 2020

Fungi, insects, nematode weeds and all these pests are seemingly plotting to wreak havoc in the vineyards. Not surprisingly considering the wide range of their enemies, vineyards are one of the most pesticide-intensive crops, which raises public health concerns in France and elsewhere. If the need to decrease the amount of crop protection products is […]

Fermentation for the future

December 11, 2020

Which characteristic do cheese, bread, beer, wine and salami share in common? The answer is easy: all of these products have experienced a fermentation process. Some microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast have transformed their basic material into nutritional and organoleptic features. The vegetables group is missing from the list. In Asia or East Europe, […]

Pastoralism plays an essential role in the life of mountains. It particularly helps in the maintenance of the landscape, but also in the local economy and tourism, and helps maintain rich prairie biodiversity. But in the face of recent changes brought about by the warming of the atmosphere, will these fragile production systems be able […]

French people broadly believe that cooking at home is cheaper than buying ready-to-eat dishes. INRAE researchers just challenged this idea. Their results, published in Public Health Nutrition on May 27th, show that cooking at home from raw ingredients is actually more expensive than buying prepared foods, when taking into account cooking time. In 1973, French […]