French Agrifood Industry

Again this year, the data unveiled by the French Agence Bio, which is in charge of regulating organic products, confirmed the momentum of the organic industry in France, with consumption and production experiencing constant growth. In 2020, despite this strangeness of the year being marked by a pandemic, the large majority of organic industries continued […]

Julien Denomandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, announced the opening of a new tool for acquiring agricultural equipment for professionals in the industry of plant proteins. Funded with 20 million euros through the French Recovery Plan, this program is accelerating the implementation of the plant protein strategy and was opened May 17. Launched in […]

The principal behind the Plan for Competitiveness and Adapting Farms is to aid in the investments made by farms. This tool is implemented by each of the rural regional development plans in France, over which regions have management authority . Since 2018, it is integrated in the tools of the agricultural component of the overall […]

Agricultural intensification and the extinction of semi-natural habitats at the fringes of fields have led to a general decline of bird communities in European farming landscapes. Their conservation has become a major issue for agricultural regions, especially where viticulture prevails, because of both the essential services they bring to farmers, such as the regulation of […]

Translated by Juliette Paemelaere Farm lands worldwide cover about 38% of land above sea level. Critics often underline their greenhouse gas emissions, yet when used reasonably with virtuous farming practices, they can contribute to the fight against climate change through carbon sequestration. The National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE), represented by its […]

Bringing food closer to home

February 23, 2021

Nov. 9 then Dec. 16, 2020, in the presence of the Minister for Agriculture and Food as well as the Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, a group of France’s largest food distribution and grocery stores and the national federation of grocery retailers signed charters to implement different actions to promote fresh and local food […]

For the second consecutive year, small and medium-sized businesses were designated by the Ministry for Agriculture and Food as well as Bpifrance to participate in the Agrifood Accelerator, a support program for small and medium sized businesses in the French food sector. Those selected will benefit from a tailor-made support program over a two-year period. […]

Many INRAE scientists undertake research projects using animals as models for fundamental research (understanding biological mechanisms), or for research on animal health, genetic and reproduction, nutrition, animal welfare, agroecological livestock systems biodiversity, environmental protection and wild species conservation.. The long-term goal is to develop alternative testing methods. For cases where replacement by other approaches is […]

The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in partnership with the French Chambers of Agriculture, announced on Jan. 12, 2021, the opening of the “Frais et local” (“Fresh and Local”) platform, allowing for the easy identification of producers from partner networks and of places to purchase from them nearby. The platform today includes more than […]

Towards greener vineyards

December 11, 2020

Fungi, insects, nematode weeds and all these pests are seemingly plotting to wreak havoc in the vineyards. Not surprisingly considering the wide range of their enemies, vineyards are one of the most pesticide-intensive crops, which raises public health concerns in France and elsewhere. If the need to decrease the amount of crop protection products is […]