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The forest fires that have been consuming the Amazon rainforest for several years are particularly intense. Beyond climate change, which tends to make tropical forests more vulnerable, most of these fires constitute a direct consequence of agricultural expansion and slash-and-burn techniques. Every year, millions of acres of land and forests disappear as they get converted […]

Reunion Island Rum makes up part of the cultural institutions of this Indian Ocean island’s creole cultural history. Reunion’s distillery use either molasses (for the production of traditional or industrial rum) or sugar cane juice (for rhum agricole, a special type of rum that is considered higher quality and is strongly associated with former French […]

French Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie on Oct. 12 visited a school in Clichy-sous-Bois in the département of Seine-Saint-Denis as part of the food component of the Relaunch France plan. During this visit, Denormandie presented several measures to accelerate providing healthy, sustainable, and local products to school cafeterias. In the morning, the minister […]

In the Drôme département of France, the Biovallée project has set a goal of 50% of farms becoming certified as organic producers by 2040. As part of this goal, a local community has purchased agricultural lands to provide access to four new farmers. ‘When you do not come from the agricultural world, access to land […]

Agrilocal is an internet platform for purchasing local food products. It puts public purchasers from institutional catering (hospitals, schools, retirement homes, etc.) directly into contact with local producers. Created in 2013 in the French département of Drôme, it is now available in 36 départements. The success of Agrilocal is due to it engaging in direct […]

The International Exhibition for Animal Production (SPACE) was back Sept. 15 to 18 for its 34th edition! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show adapted: numerous digital meetings were proposed. Aquaculture, poultry farming, beef, goats, rabbits, sheep and pig, SPACE enhances the value of animal farming and its multiple facets. This year, the entire show […]

Product of the month: Berthoud

September 28, 2020

After having its specifications approved by the national council of Protected Geographic Indications, the “Berthoud” has just officially been recognized as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) by the European Commission. After Bouchot mussels in 2013, Berthoud became the second French traditional specialty to be recognized. The typical Berthoud recipe was developed at the beginning of […]

To achieve the agroecological transition, investing in the modernization of equipment to provide farmers with more environmentally friendly materials is a priority. Farmers also need to transform their equipment to better adapt to climate change. French citizens expect an agriculture that uses less input materials, in particular concerning plant protection products like pesticides and herbicides. […]

French Prime Minister Jean Castex presented on Sept. 3 the “Relaunch France” plan, a roadmap for economic, social, and environmental rebuilding of the country. One hundred billion euros have been dedicated to the plan, of which 1.2 billion are allocated to agriculture. The agriculture aspects of the plan set three goals: Strengthening food sovereignty Accelerating […]

Guaranteeing to all a healthy, safe, sustainable, high-quality and local food supply is one of the goals of the French government and meets the high expectations of French citizens. To succeed in this ambition, it is necessary to speed up the agroecological transition of the French agriculture and food systems to ensure a better recognition […]