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In 2022, France will become the first country in the world to ban the killing of male chicks, alongside Germany which is making a joint commitment along with France to phase out the practice. January 13, 2020, the French and German ministers of agriculture brought together different actors in the egg and poultry production industries, […]

Again this year, the data unveiled by the French Agence Bio, which is in charge of regulating organic products, confirmed the momentum of the organic industry in France, with consumption and production experiencing constant growth. In 2020, despite this strangeness of the year being marked by a pandemic, the large majority of organic industries continued […]

Alpilles wines are produced on a rocky plateau in southern France around the small Alpilles mountain range. This region is among the most picturesque in France and has inspired artists like Cézanne and Van Gogh, and the small town Les Beaux de Provence, located in the area, has been recognized as one of the most […]

As part of the French national strategy for renewing the forest industry, which is part of the national French Recovery Plan, Julien Denormandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, and Brigitte Klinkert, Deputy Minister for Economic Inclusion, announced a recruitment call, with goal of meeting the labor needs for the future reforestation work financed by […]

Julien Denomandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, announced the opening of a new tool for acquiring agricultural equipment for professionals in the industry of plant proteins. Funded with 20 million euros through the French Recovery Plan, this program is accelerating the implementation of the plant protein strategy and was opened May 17. Launched in […]

The principal behind the Plan for Competitiveness and Adapting Farms is to aid in the investments made by farms. This tool is implemented by each of the rural regional development plans in France, over which regions have management authority . Since 2018, it is integrated in the tools of the agricultural component of the overall […]

Agricultural intensification and the extinction of semi-natural habitats at the fringes of fields have led to a general decline of bird communities in European farming landscapes. Their conservation has become a major issue for agricultural regions, especially where viticulture prevails, because of both the essential services they bring to farmers, such as the regulation of […]

Côteaux de Ventoux cherries have joined the club of French agricultural products protected by a geographic indication, having recently been granted the coveted Protected Geographic Indication status by the European Union. This large-caliber red cherry can be found on French market stands from May to mid-July. It is grown in the foothills of Mont Ventoux […]

The agro-ecological transition will necessitate changing a certain number of growing practices. It can also be helped by the selection and creation of plant varieties that are more resistant to water stress or bio-aggressors (predator insects, fungi, viruses, etc.). The challenges we face are numerous. Climate change Beyond the global increase in temperatures, farmers will […]

Cadours purple garlic (Ail violet de Cadours) is characterized by its violet outer peel and streaks of purplish color. It is a large type of garlic, with a rounded form and the cloves are either ivory white or slightly purplish. Eaten raw or cooked, it presents a strong garlicy odor. It is the earliest of […]