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Today, it employs 3.5% of the French active population. Land consolidation and reorganization of agriculture led to a fall in the number of farms. Today, the average size of farms is much larger than 60 years ago (around 55 hectares). Today, there are 490,000 farms in metropolitan France and 24,800 in the overseas regions. This […]

The French agriculture is marked by its history. The history of French agriculture could start with the Gaulois in 2000 B.C. They were the first farmers working on French land. The Roman invasion around 50 A.C. brought organization and technical progress like everywhere else in Europe. The Middle Age was marked by the feudal system. […]

Terroir, a magical French word! French people talk about it all the time – how much terroir is important for the quality of a wine or a cheese, how a recipe is a recette de terroir … But what exactly do we mean when we use this word? Terroir is a mix between a geographical […]

Jean-Robert Pitte, an expert on French gastronomy, was in Washington, D.C. for the Good France/Goût de France event that took place around the world on March 19th, 2015. Hear what he has to say about gastronomy as it relates to the French, and Americans as well as its significance in general.

As we come closer to the Goût de/Good France celebration on March 19, we asked Washingtonians how they would describe French cuisine. Check out their answers in this short video featuring street interviews in the Nation’s Capital.

Charles Duque works at the American branch of the CNIEL (French Dairy Inter-Branch Organization). This organization aims at strengthening bonds between milk producers and milk processors as well as promoting dairy products to consumers. On June 30th, it launched the French Cheese Board, a new promotional space dedicated to French cheeses in the heart of […]

Christopher Poron is working at “Truffe Plantin”, a French company producing and exporting fresh truffles and gourmet products made of truffles. On July 1st, 2013, he was at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC to exhibit the new “Truffe Glaze Collection”, a line of gourmet balsamic glazes.

Françoise Bureau Crook is the founder of “Crossings,” an importer of French gourmet products. She is now Vice-President of “Crossings Fine Foods,” a division of LS Distribution North America, which is part of Lagardère Group, one of the leading importers and distributors of gourmet products in North America.

Interview with Martin Sinkoff, who is currently developing the fine wine portfolio of Frederick Wildman and Sons. On July 1, 2013, Mr. Sinkoff, who has a broad experience in importing French wine across the U.S., received the French National Order of Agricultural Merit in New York.