After the 50th birthday of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the information portal and the French Ministry for Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry created a new educational video game offering Internet users better ways to understand the CAP’s stakes and development, from the 1950s to now.


The game begins before the CAP’s implementation and enables the player to slowly get accustomed with the founding principles of agricultural economy, including production, sales, and price evolution. But the player must be careful—some climate hazards can suddenly appear and weaken the operations! Will the player only drain the fields or will he buy a harvester  in order to improve productivity?


“Cap Odyssey” challenges the player to manage his or her farm in a sustainable way, according to any regulatory evolutions from the European Union. Food security, farmers income, natural resources management, climate change, price volatility, and activity maintenance in rural spaces are all factors the player must take into account. CAP has a lot of responsibilities and it is in constant adaptation to the needs and expectations of Europeans. From farmer’s concerns to the regulatory tools of the European Union, the player is invited to get to know an agricultural policy which has adapted with the times. Designed for non-CAP experts, the game is very simple to use and understand.


You can enjoy playing this game here