On June 18, at the FAO Conference in Rome, Mr. Stéphane Le Foll, Minister for Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry, set out three goals that illustrate France’s commitment to global food security:

– With the Agricultural Market Information System Initiative, addressing the issue of agricultural commodity price volatility. This would be accomplished by allowing consumers to gain a better understanding of global crops and reserves, and by establishing prepositioned food reserves in developing countries.

Battling food waste in every country, both in terms of post-harvest losses in the agricultural sector and losses at distribution and consumer levels.

Developing agro-ecology in France, Europe and worldwide, with the aim of doubling economic and environmental performance in the agricultural sector.

wikimedia/Dan Davison

wikimedia/Dan Davison

These proposed ideas for the future of agriculture are based on the need to increase production capacity. By better understanding the natural world and its ecosystems, we can tap into its energy potential to create more sustainable and economical systems.

This and other related topics will be at the heart of the FAO debate between France and Algeria on Wednesday June 19 during the FAO conference. The session raises awareness about the strengths and challenges of agro-ecology as a solution for the future agriculture in the North and South.

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