The French Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll took part in the October 7 meeting concerning agricultural price volatility at the FAO’s headquarters in Rome. These meetings were initiated by France in 2013 in order to complement the process launched at the G20 agricultural meeting regarding the trade and regulation of agricultural commodities, which was held in Paris in October 2012. Stéphane Le Foll appealed to make these high level meetings regular, allowing for an effective implementation of the FAO’s Food Security Committee’s Conclusions.

The Minister also proposed to improve and extend these initiatives on a regional scale. For instance, along with his Algerian counterpart, he offered the idea of an “Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) for the Mediterranean area”, which will be on the agenda for the next 5+5 Agriculture Ministers meeting to be held in Alger on November 27. AMIS and its rapid reaction forum is an effective tool to fight against excessive price volatility, aiming to reinforce food markets transparency.

In the same spirit, he took note of the advancement of the emergency food reserve project launched in 2012 with the Agricultural Commissioner of the CEDEAO (West Africa States Economical Community). Furthermore, FAO General Director José Graziano da Silva confirmed an international conference on agroecology to be held in 2014.