Consumers are growing more and more concerned with the origin and the fabrication process of what they eat. Some inter-professional groups responded to this demand by creating a new voluntary label called “Viandes de France” (literally: Meats from France) this past February to incite more transparency on the matter. It will also allow professionals to highlight their products on the shelves. This labeling will serve as a sort of quality assurance that, once obtained, will surely help professionals highlight the caliber of their products.

To which products does this label apply?

As the label name implies, “Viandes de France” concerns all products made from meat: raw meat, carved meat, cooked meat, meat in ready-made meals, etc… It also applies to all types of meat: beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, horse and rabbit. Each kind of meat has its own logo (7 in total). This logo will start to appear on products in March 2014.

7 logos will be seen in stores for products under the “Viandes de France” label

7 logos will be seen in stores for products under the “Viandes de France” label

What are the “Viandes de France” label requirements?

There are always a certain amount of requirements that a product must fulfill in order to get a label. Putting the “Viandes de France” label on a product means the meat used to make it comes from animals “born, raised, slaughtered, sliced and transformed” in France. Moreover, E.U. requirements regarding animal welfare (healthy feeding, comfortable environment, minimal suffering), environmental standards, and French social standards (minimum wage, social protection of employees) are assured throughout each step of the product’s transformation.

©Xavier Remongin/ - Open Air Poultry Breeding

©Xavier Remongin/ – Open Air Poultry Breeding

This label is a voluntary one that underscores the will of French meat professionals to respond to their customers’ concerns and to promote and expand an existent system for traceability. The network includes almost 600,000 people in France. The label will serve as a way to reinforce customer trust and will add value to the products stamped with the logo. Customers will henceforth have access to more information regarding a product’s traceability and will thus be more assured and likely to buy it.