From May 1st 2015 to October 31st 2015, the city of Milan in Italy will host the Universal Exposition on the theme “Feeding the planet Energy for life”, a key issue in a world whose population continues to grow. 144 countries are taking part in this event, and each participating country will build a pavilion based on the theme. France has recently revealed the structure of its pavilion.



The French pavilion, with a surface of 19,000 square feet, aims to respond to the question: How can we ensure sufficient, quality, safe and sustainable food for all mankind? Even though producing in quantity is a key element in achieving food sufficiency, it is far from satisfactory in and of itself: the issue of access to food is of crucial importance. Issues such as poverty, complexity of distribution, market volatility, food safety, food wasting can lower access to food.

The French pavilion is developing the concept of “Producing and feeding differently” with four major focal points:

  • Supplying to countries that lack in food production: the production capacity of France allows it to participate in food supply worldwide, such as to countries with a deficit of food production.
  • Producing more and better: responding to the need for more food without destroying the planet’s natural potential is a huge challenge. Agro ecology, environmentally-friendly agrifood industries, sustainable aquaculture and fishing and the creation of jobs are at the heart of French policies.
  • Cooperating internationally to improve international food sufficiency: international cooperation for food sufficiency, especially regarding science and research, has to be improved.
  • Matching quantity and quality of food: food safety, nutritional balance, pleasure of eating (gastronomy, “terroir” products…)

France wants to highlight the importance of a diverse food model, the need for balance between pleasure and health when it comes to food, and the indispensability of a sustainable agriculture.


©Cheick.saidou/Min.Agri.Fr – Stephane Le Foll During the Inauguration of the Construction of the French Pavilion

French pavilion architecture reflects the food markets that you can find in certain French cities. It will showcase French traditions and gastronomy as well as French technical and scientific potential and innovation. Enterprises, inter-professional groups and local authorities will be able to carry out demonstrations that will focus on French products, food models, water supply, food waste, preservation of agricultural lands, technical innovation etc…

To learn more about the event: Expo Milano 2015