Fraîch’attitude is week-long event organized by Interfel (The organization of fresh fruits and vegetables), under the patronage of the French ministry of Agriculture that will take place from the 13th to the 22nd of June this year. In June 2005 it became clear that information about the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables was not itself sufficient to make real and healthy changes in dietary habits. The fraîch’attitude week therefore transforms information into action, granting thousands of participants access to fresh fruits and vegetables through tastings and inventive activities across the country.

During fraîch’attitude week, professionals in the fresh produce sector as well as producers, cooperatives, wholesalers, schools and many others will mobilize to promote fresh fruit and vegetables to the public. Since its debut in 2005, fraîch’attitude week has seen constant growth in interest and participation. In 2010 more than 25,000 outreach events and programs took place all around the country. These efforts consisted mostly of special menus in school cafeterias, cooking activities, public tastings and promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables by various professionals and stakeholders.

©Xavier Remongin/Min.Agri.Fr

©Xavier Remongin/Min.Agri.Fr

This year marks fraîch’attitude’s tenth anniversary. Special emphasis will be placed on simple preparation techniques for fresh produce in addition to a host of information about produce professionals and its production in general. Ten cities, such as Paris, Bordeaux, Angers and Lyon, have been designated as focal centers to raise awareness and appreciation for fresh produce. Children are the key audience. In 2012, fraîch’attitude joined a European program promoting action and information among children from ages 3 to 11. The fun and alliterative French title of the program “Tu crées, tu croques, tu craques” (roughly: create, munch, and enjoy) aims to make fruits and veggies more appealing to youth through a creative recipes and preparations.


Fraîch’attitude week forms part of the French National Health and Nutrition Program (PNNS) in an action called “eat and move”. This action, much like First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s move” campaign in the United States, aims to fight obesity by increasing physical activity, improving eating habits and reducing the prevalence of nutritional disorders. Another one of PNNS’s action, “A piece of fruit at recess,” promotes the consumption of fruit during snack time in elementary schools, in addition to the health reforms already in place in the cafeteria. Through events and actions such as these, France is taking active measures to ensure that good nutrition and healthy living become a nationwide practice, not just an ideal.