The Organic Spring takes place each year during the month of June to promote organic farming and products. All around the country, farms and processing establishments organize an array of promotional activities ranging from open houses and educational exhibitions to product tastings and organic catering services.

The launch of the 15th “Organic Spring Meeting” took place in Paris on the 28th of May, 2014. Two French ministers presided at this event: Ségolène Royal, minister of ecology, sustainable development and energy, and Stéphane Le Foll, minister of agriculture, agrifood business and forest. Both praised the work done by the stakeholders of the organic sector.

Ségolène Royal and Stéphane LeFoll at the Organic Spring

Ségolène Royal and Stéphane LeFoll at the Organic Spring

Ségolène Royal underscored the importance of organics in the ecological transition. Stéphane LeFoll reaffirmed the French government’s involvement in the National Plan – “Organic Ambition 2017” – launched last year, the plan intends to restructure the French organic sector, involving all implicated stakeholders. Among other objectives, “Organic Ambition 2017” seeks to double land surfaces used for organic cultures by 2017. Mr LeFoll also mentioned his desire to start a project that would increase the consumption of organic products in hospitals.

Ségolène Royal and Stéphane LeFoll are about to sign a decree that will authorize the organic stakeholders and consumers association to take part in the governance of the Ecophyto Plan.

As in the United States, organic farming and food are upwardly trending in France. The organic market reached profits of €4.56 billion in 2013, increasing by 9% in comparison with those seen in 2012. This increase is mostly linked to a rise in organic production (+8%) rather than a rise in product prices. Elisabeth Mercier, director of Agence Bio, declared: “French consumers’ enthusiasm for organic products is indisputable”.

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