France and the French Ministry of Agriculture support the development of agro-ecology. French Agricultural Minister, Stéphane Le Foll, will be attending the International Symposium on Agro-ecology this year in Rome, where top leaders and minds in the field will gather to exchange about this important field.

©Pascal Xicluna/Min.Agri.Fr

©Pascal Xicluna/Min.Agri.Fr

Agro-ecology is a budding science. As standards for quality in food and farming increase, so do concerns with how ecological principles and practices can best be implemented to bring about more sustainable food systems. Consequently, we have seen exponential growth in agro-ecology, a field of study that focuses on the interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment within agricultural systems. Though on the rise, agro-ecology is far from commonplace. On September 18th, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations will host a 2-day International Symposium on Agro-ecology, the overarching goal of which is to “increase and improve provision of Goods and Services from Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in a sustainable manner.”
The symposium serves three main purposes:

  • It will serve as a forum for the discovery and assessment of the current state of science and practices of Agro-ecology, as well as for initiatives underway around the world.
  • It will facilitate multilateral exchanges about various agro-ecology activities through the structured context of the FAO’s current strategic framework, which establishes the central strategic direction for the organization.
  • And it will produce and grant public access to numerous scientific accounts, reports and material for sharing with the public.

Overall, the aim is to lay the groundwork for research and innovation in agro-ecology on an international level.

To achieve this goal, international experts in agro-ecology will join government representatives, scientists and members of the private sector from around the world in Rome for the unique opportunity to display and discuss an array of existing research, practices and policy. Stéphane Le Foll, the French Minister of Agriculture, will be one of the representatives to participate in the event, speaking to France’s role and investment in the development of agro-ecological practices and policy. Through international comparison of existing agro-ecological practices and structured dialogue on challenges of implementation, much more light will be shed on the promising field of Agro-ecology and the feasibility of its permanent incorporation into our current, less sustainable agricultural systems.