On Aug. 30, 2021, as part of a meeting bringing together a panel of startups, financers, and stakeholders, French Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie, and Cédric O, State Secretary for the Digital Economy, started a new collective effort to encourage building the French Agri-Tech sector, and to support innovation in the service of agriculture.

Julien Denormandie said that he wanted to “make France the global cradle of Agri-Tech. It’s through the entire ecosystem, from startups to financers and local governments, that we will carry this energy in the service of our agro-food sovereignty.”

In order to allow the agricultural sector to continue to adapt to environmental issues, technologies are powerful allies. A large number of farmers already use them in their daily life to:

  • Produce in a more environmentally friendly way
  • Optimize water management
  • Improve the traceability of food and food security
  • Strengthen animal welfare

Both ministers visited a site in the French département of Yvelines to visit two startups, UV-Boosting and NeoFarm.

After this visit, both officials presented their ideas to the French Government to build and encourage the emergency of startups in Agri-Tech and Food Tech in France.

“Innovation is at the heart of the DNA of the agricultural world,” Denormandie said. He also announced the creation of a 200 million euro fund over five years to help encourage innovation in the agricultural and food sector that helps to boost food sovereignty in France.