Pascal Xicluna /

In 2022, France will become the first country in the world to ban the killing of male chicks, alongside Germany which is making a joint commitment along with France to phase out the practice. January 13, 2020, the French and German ministers of agriculture brought together different actors in the egg and poultry production industries, from businesses to research to animal welfare organizations with the goal of working toward permanently ending this practice, which is a strong consumer demand and expectation. Alternative to eliminating the male chicks were put in place in these two partner countries and businesses across the industry are making the necessary investments to end the practice.

A new French-German meeting took place on this subject July 16, 2021, and was an opportunity to share progress and to share the willingness of actors across the field to meet the goal across the entire European Union.

In France, the Council of State will hold a meeting at the end of the summer to develop a draft decree for formally requiring that as of January 1, 2022, all hatcheries will have to have installed or ordered machines that allow to determining the sex of the chicks before hatching in order to end the need to eliminate male chicks. All of these machines must be installed and be in use during 2022.

The French government is helping in this shift by:

  • Helping businesses invest in the machines needs to determine the sex of chicks prior to hatching in the French Recovery Plan (10 million euros)
  • Carrying this effort on the European level in order to eventually ban the practice across the EU as quickly as possible.
  • Working with all actors in order to ensure fair cost sharing throughout the chain