Xavier Remongin / agriculture.gouv.fr

As part of the French national strategy for renewing the forest industry, which is part of the national French Recovery Plan, Julien Denormandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, and Brigitte Klinkert, Deputy Minister for Economic Inclusion, announced a recruitment call, with goal of meeting the labor needs for the future reforestation work financed by the French Recovery Plan.

France has an ambitious reforestation policy. Through the French Recovery Plan, 50 million trees are going to be planted to reforest France’s territory.

Financed with 150 million euros, this support will notably be used to financially help local communities reforest their public lands and for private landowners to make investments in reforesting their lands through sustainable management practices.

Reforestation preparation projects will be deployed across France during fall 2021, through the use of 35 selected operators. To help in this increased reforestation activity, France is hoping to help provide jobs to people who need them to meet these goals, through organizations dedicated to putting people back to work.

These organizations are supporting more than 30,000 employees in training for careers in the environment, spread across five different areas (logging and pruning, natural space management, managing and caring for greenspaces, protecting natural heritage, and forestry).

In 2020, 200 environmental projects were supported through these programs, creating nearly 2,000 new jobs with nearly 10 million euros in financing. In 2021, 275 projects are being examined and could lead to the creation of an additional 2,600 additional jobs, financed by nearly 18 million euros.