Côteaux de Ventoux cherries have joined the club of French agricultural products protected by a geographic indication, having recently been granted the coveted Protected Geographic Indication status by the European Union.

This large-caliber red cherry can be found on French market stands from May to mid-July. It is grown in the foothills of Mont Ventoux in mountainous southeastern France from the Comtat Venaissin plain in the west to the Massif of Luberon in the south. In this region where the climate is particularly favorable, cherry growing has been an integral and traditional part of the local culture for generations.

The fruit is harvested entirely by hand, with farmers receiving special traditional training in order to visually select the best cherries that have the best sweet/bitter combination. It is currently produced by 44 producers in the region across 157 hectares, and joins the club of French IGPs like the Cévennes chestnut, red apricots of Roussillon or Savoy potatoes.