Julien Denomandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, announced the opening of a new tool for acquiring agricultural equipment for professionals in the industry of plant proteins. Funded with 20 million euros through the French Recovery Plan, this program is accelerating the implementation of the plant protein strategy and was opened May 17.

Launched in January 2021, the first funding was the subject of strong interest and allowed to distribute 20 million euros to more than 1,160 applicants. From this strong success, the initial 20 million euro fund was doubled, with a new funding window opening in May. It specifically targets equipment dedicated to growing oilseeds but also fodder legumes. It will also finally be able to be used for financing a part of the applications filed in January that were not able to receive funds during the first round, and also to support new farmer applications.

The opening of this second round, funded by an additional 20 million euros, was approved by FranceAgriMer in late April. To support the impressive dynamism of the plant protein strategy, it was also announced that a third round of funding would be open during the second half of the year in order to look at projects that weren’t accepted during the first two rounds.

Initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron, the French National Plant Protein Strategy is designed to meet the objective of food self-sufficiency. Funded with more than 120 million euros through the French Recovery Plan, it aims at doubling by 2030 the land dedicated to plant protein production to 2 million hectares (or 8% of the usable agricultural surface).