The French government recently announced innovative measures to accelerate the contribution of the wood and forestry industry to France’s commitment to a low-carbon future. Julien Denormandie, French Minister of Agriculture and Food, Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister for Housing, and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Industry, recently made changes to the wood and forestry strategic contract signed in 2018.

This update affirms three main goals:

  • Optimizing carbon sinks in the wood and forestry sector in the service of the ecological and low-carbon transition
  • Strengthening action in the industry and government in favor of France’s industrial sovereignty, in coherence with France’s national forestry potential and with the support of industry.
  • Cooperating across and within industry to strengthen knowledge and competency, and to optimize the strong job potential of the woods and forestry sector, particularly in rural areas

The ministers reaffirmed their determination for the low-carbon goal, and highlighted several new innovative features of the plan:

  • A new environmental regulation for new buildings that encourages mixing materials, with the goal of setting a framework to attain decarbonization goals in the building sector by, among other things, storing carbon in wood and bio-sourced materials.
  • Strengthened support for the Wood Growth Accelerator for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • A call for projects to develop wood products, which aims to identify all potential projects that could help change the supply scale.

Minister Denormandie commended the announcement, saying “With the French Recovery Plan, financed with 200 million euros for the wood and forestry industry, we have an ambitious strategy for our forests, founded on renewing the industry and adapting to climate change.”