Leon Brocard — originally posted to Flickr as IXS_0158 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

A form of the classic French recipe, Hachis Parmentier, or beef and potato casserole, has just received recognition as a “Red Label” product. The French Red Label certifies that an agricultural product is of a superior quality and has met a very stringent set of standards developed and approved by experts in order to ensure its high quality.

Similar to the English recipe Shepherd’s Pie, Hachis Parmentier is a classic French recipe composed of beef and potatoes layered on top of one another, and topped with cheese, traditionally Emmental. The name comes from a combination of the word “hachis” which is used for any sort of food in which the ingredients are minced or chopped, and “Parmentier,” which comes from the name of Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, who popularized potatoes in France in the 1700s.

Eating better while reducing preparation time is a strong consumer expectation. Hachis Parmentier can meet this expectation, and as of March 23 now benefits from Red Label status. The recognition of Hachis Parmentier in the family of Red Label products is part of the goals laid out in the EGALIM law, which stipulates that by 2022, at least 50% of all products in institutional catering be produced sustainably and/or have an official sign of quality. This new Red Label product can now be proposed for sale in these settings. As always for processed Red Label products, the raw materials used are strictly regulated in terms of both proportion and origin.