Xavier Remongin / agriculture.gouv.fr

For the second consecutive year, small and medium-sized businesses were designated by the Ministry for Agriculture and Food as well as Bpifrance to participate in the Agrifood Accelerator, a support program for small and medium sized businesses in the French food sector. Those selected will benefit from a tailor-made support program over a two-year period. Created in the agricultural section of the French Grand plan d’investissement, the Agrifood Accelerator’s goal is to grow the competitiveness of the participating businesses to respond to future challenges.

This new class of the Agrifood Accelerator is made up of 22 businesses. Making annual sales of between 8 and 100 million euros, they each employ between 50 and 250 people.

The training takes place over 24 months with the three following pillars:

  • Advice using a “360 degree” entry diagnostic in order to identify tools for growth, and access to two complementary sessions of dedicated consulting of the business’s choosing
  • Training through 8 seminars and industry meet-ups organized in partnership with the EMLyon Business School and Agreenium
  • Networking with recognized actors in the agrifood industry and joining the national community of Bpifrance accelerator and Bpifrance Excellence alumni.

Eventually, the goal is to help these French businesses face current challenges of the industry like distribution strategy, digital transformation, business social responsibility and internationalization.

France has nearly 15,500 agrifood businesses, of which 98% are small or medium-sized. They employ more than 430,000 employees and make nearly 200 billion euros in annual sales. To increase their competitiveness, these businesses must invest and innovate all while meeting increasingly demanding consumer expectations. The Agrifood Accelerator is one of the means to meet this goal, by training and supporting business in the food industry.