Nov. 9 then Dec. 16, 2020, in the presence of the Minister for Agriculture and Food as well as the Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, a group of France’s largest food distribution and grocery stores and the national federation of grocery retailers signed charters to implement different actions to promote fresh and local food products.

A launch week for these steps will take place from Feb. 27 to March 7 through events that the brands and the national federation will implement.

The banner “Commitment, origin, and freshness: Closer to home and to your tastes” (Engagement, provenance, fraîcheur : plus près de chez vous et de vos goûts in French).

Already, the signatories of this charter have come up with a common presentation that will allow for explaining the process to consumers in different places the events are organized.

These events can for example take the format of:

  • Learning tools developed based on common efforts with the industry including, among others, one on beef or seafood products, used in the store to explain to consumers the steps taken by industry, for example around Red Label products
  • Award ceremonies from competitions organized between stores in order to reward the best product highlights
  • Promoting the process through communication tools
  • Events like meet-ups between producers and consumers, if the health situation allows
  • Enhancing the savoir-faire of artisans

Today more than ever, food is a major issue for each of us who aim to bring together pleasure, fun, nutritional balance, respecting health and the environment. It is also for France, whose economy and reputation are in large part based on agriculture and food and particularly its culinary culture.

French territories are rich in savoir-faire and flavors, farmers, fishermen and producers who every day accomplish remarkable work to propose to consumers quality products that meet the commitments made by France in favor of the environment, animal welfare, nutritional quality and the equitable sharing of wealth throughout the industry.

By signing the charter, artisans, specialized merchants and actors of distribution have already committed to promoting and supporting throughout the year fresh and local products that make France proud and that are the fruit of work of all actors. Consuming fresh products is the most natural way to bring together pleasure and food balance. Consuming local products, in their large diversity, is an excellent way to appreciate the flavors of an area and its savoir-faire, in the service of taste.

This process, under the leadership of the Ministry for Agriculture and Food, allows initially to make fresh and local products more visible to consumers, products for which the origin is precise, known and indicated.