Guaranteeing the independence of advice given to farmers: that is the goal of an order to separate advice and sales/application/marketing of phytosanitary products published April 24, 2019. This order, which came out of the “Egalim” law of Oct. 30, 2018, aims to prevent any risk of conflict of interest which might arise from the coexistence in the same operator of advice and sales or marketing of phytopharmaceutical products.

The goal is to offer two types of advice of different natures to professional users (farmers or otherwise): on the one hand a strategic, pluri-annual, individualized type of advice; on the other hand, specific advice, answering occasional questions. These advice-giving activities must contribute to reducing the use and the risks and impacts associated with phytopharmaceutical products and respect the principals of integrated crop protection.

The separation of advice and sale activities concerns all uses (agricultural or not) of phytopharmaceutical products. The independence of the physical people exercising these activities is also assured.

The order also makes permanent the current experimental use of phytopharmaceutical products saving certificates (which are issued to help reduce the overall use of these products overtime), and accelerates their deployment by adding the first obligation to use them in 2020.