The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in partnership with the French Chambers of Agriculture, announced on Jan. 12, 2021, the opening of the “Frais et local” (“Fresh and Local”) platform, allowing for the easy identification of producers from partner networks and of places to purchase from them nearby.

The platform today includes more than 8,000 farms and places of direct sale spread out across mainland France and in its overseas territories provided by the first two partner platforms, “Bienvenue à la Ferme” (“Welcome to the Farm”), the network of agricultural education, and the network of French professional urban agriculture.

The platform allows for locating producers and their points of sale on a map, and the ability of refining the search further:

  • By products: Fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, creams, alcoholic beverages and juices, spices, and others
  • By type of sale point by producers: Sale on the farm, pick-up points, producer stores and markets, or sale only online
  • By partner network

This platform has the goal of offering a unique point of entry for consumers by inviting networks and producers proposing direct sale to join in the process. An email address is available for other networks wanting to join the platform. Secondly, a new version will allow producers, in individual points of sale and in other direct-sale platforms, to sign up directly on the Frais et local platform.