Bringing together producers from all across France, the Organic Christmas Trees of France Association was founded in 2020. Among them is France Sapin Bio, an Ariège Valley business founded in 2013 that sells 15,000 organic trees per year. The environmentally responsible business also sells Christmas trees in different forms. Here’s an in-depth look at how one local French organic Christmas tree company operates.

With an identical lifespan (one to two months after being cut down), as well as an equivalent price (around €25): organic Christmas trees have the same attributes as a traditional tree. What sets it apart is its natural production method.

On Michel Vuillier’s farm, the only production location of the France Sapin Bio company, no phytosanitary products or chemical products are used. The certified producer may only use organic products on the 123-acre farm in the town of Belloc, in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Ariège Pyrenees. Therefore, the production of organic Christmas trees requires more manual care than conventional methods.

Aiming to respect the environment, each tree cut down is immediately replaced by a new tree. This method is even beneficial in terms of CO2: With 500,000 tree replanted over 15 years, the quality of the air produced there is excellent. To encourage biodiversity, bee producers are invited to set up their beehives on the farm.

Starting recently, the business has put in place a whole line of organic products derived from Christmas tree to promote several different types of products: Vinegars, syrups, essential oils, floral water, etc.

After the holidays, France Sapin Bio offers to recycle the trees as a combustible to heat homes. An environmentally friendly concept put in place to eliminate waste. To do this, all people have to do is drop off their trees at a pre-determined location set up by their local government.