Pascal Xicluna /

As a gesture of solidarity in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, the French Minister of Agriculture and Food, Julien Denormandie, presented a charter of commitments to highlight fresh and local products in large supermarket stores, signed by representatives of the majority of France’s large supermarket chains. Around 70% of food purchases in France are made in large supermarkets, so this charter aims to promote greater access to healthy, safe, sustainable and local food, and to act as a complement to local food supply chains.

Concretely, these products will be highlighted in supermarket aisles, on websites and in ads using a common banner for all of the chains. Specific events promoting fresh and local products will also be organized.

Throughout the year, the signatories have committed to putting in place a certain number of actions allowing consumers to have access to information that is clear and transparent:

  • Making the origin more visible and accessible on products, particularly those guaranteeing traceability in steps from production to processing in France
  • Promote fresh products on shelves, in catalogues and on websites. For example, in the fruit and vegetable aisles, seasonable fresh products could be showcased via dedicated stands with information given to consumers on the presented fruits and vegetables, the way in which they were produced and possibly including recipes
  • Highlighting local products and products benefiting from signs of quality. For example: in the meats area, depending on the health situation, a farmer could come and provide information on his animals and how they are raised.
    These actions will be gradually implemented, starting in February 2021. A launch week will be organized from February 27 to March 7, 2021. This charter came into effect Nov. 9, and will last one year.