French Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie on Oct. 12 visited a school in Clichy-sous-Bois in the département of Seine-Saint-Denis as part of the food component of the Relaunch France plan. During this visit, Denormandie presented several measures to accelerate providing healthy, sustainable, and local products to school cafeterias.

In the morning, the minister participated in a culinary workshop organized as part of the Semaine du Goût (‘Taste Week’ in English) with the chef Grégory Cohen. ‘Teaching our youngest citizens taste and curiosity for fresh products is the entire reason for the Semaine du Goût which takes place all week across France,’ Denormandie said.

A discussion was then organized with the employees and vendors of the food service company in the school cafeteria to explain the steps involved in the institutional catering approach of the school, which uses organic and locally produced agriculture products.

Access to healthy and sustainable food is a priority for France; it is as much a question of social justice as it is of public health. Thanks to the Relaunch France plan, assistance is being provided to school cafeterias is small school districts to better equip and train employees in order to provide meals made of local, sustainable, high-quality food products, including products coming from organic agriculture.