Pascal Xicluna /

Agrilocal is an internet platform for purchasing local food products. It puts public purchasers from institutional catering (hospitals, schools, retirement homes, etc.) directly into contact with local producers. Created in 2013 in the French département of Drôme, it is now available in 36 départements.

The success of Agrilocal is due to it engaging in direct relationships with local producers. This public service is made available by the département councils and simplifies the purchasing process for public institutional catering services, in compliance with the rules of public procurement.

Agrilocal is fast, free and efficient. On the application, the purchaser access their regional supply and immediately see all potential producers. The user may set a maximum distance, of 10 km or more, and then the application immediately takes off in search of the types of producers needed by the purchasers, giving the purchaser an immediate snapshot of the available suppliers and the availability of their products. Each producer has their own personal page to highlight their business’s products.

The goal is to introduce local products into as many meals offered in institutional catering establishments as possible, and to guarantee the high quality of the meals, all while supporting local economic development. The platform also helps to create local solidarity, all while educating about taste and quality food.

Here are the commitments made by the Agrilocal platform:

  • Guarantee to producers fair prices so that they may do their work with dignity in order to preserve their local savoir-faire and local production,
  • Develop short supply chains that encourage the purchasing and sale of food products produced nearby in institutional catering,
  • Build on local production networks in order to guarantee a sustainable, high-quality food supply, the goal being to provide healthy food of optimal nutritional quality,
  • Promote institutional catering strategies focused on pleasure and taste, and encourage the discovery of local culinary heritage that respects the seasonality of products.