Pascal Xicluna / Min.Agri.Fr

A new French law relating to transparency of agricultural and food products labeling was adopted May 27 by the French National Assembly. This law, supported by the French government, incorporates several of the ideas presented in the Estates General of Food, but that needed, for procedural reasons, a specific proposition that was just voted. This new law brings back these measures and strengthens information transparency for consumers.

Thanks to this law, origin labeling for pork, poultry, goat and sheep meat and of ground beef will now be mandatory in restaurants and catering services (it was already required for most beef).

The obligation to inform consumers of the origin or of any indication of origin (that are, in the European Union, geographic indications) of wines sold in bottles, pitchers, or glasses by restaurants, bars, and other establishments possessing liquor licenses has been strengthened. Mentioning the name and address of the producer will also mandatory on beer labeling.

Additionally, the law restrict the use of certain wording used for food products of animal origins to describe, market, or promote food products to meat and dairy products, respectively: they will not be used for plant-based products (note: that was already the case for some claims, “milk” for instance, according to European regulation).

Taken together, these measures are useful complements of the other legal requirements governing transparency for consumer information taken by the French government. As part of these actions, the pilot project concerning the obligation to label the origin of milk and dairy products, and of meat in processed foods has been extended to the end of 2021.