Nîmes Olives are crunchy and juicy green olives grown in and around the Gard département of southern France and nowhere else. It is often made into a high-quality olive oil, known for its aromas of artichoke and leafy greenness.

The presence of olive trees in this region dates back to antiquity, which attest to the strong relationship of the Nîmes region and the growing of olive trees. Making olive oil is an extremely old tradition in this region, with time-tested methods being passed down from generation to generation over the centuries.

Only olives coming from the highest quality olive trees are deemed appropriate for use in producing olives and olive oils. The olives are only harvest by hand and are processed in late summer or early fall. The olives are meaty and bright green, with a crunchy texture. The oils produced from these olives are known for their intense aromas and flavors, and can sometimes have a hint of bitterness to their taste.

Nîmes Olives can be enjoyed as a snack or alongside cheese and meats, while Nîmes olive oil is traditionally used in a wide variety of classic Mediterranean fare.