Started in 2016, the digital Mas (“Mas” being a word in regional expression that means “farm building” and also” farm,” that is derived from the same Latin origin of the word “mansion”) launched its second version at the end of November 2019. Training future agronomic engineers and agricultural technicians while also providing support to vinicultural professionals is the double ambition of digital Mas, located in the city of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (Languedoc-Roussillon region).

Digitial Mas is an agricultural production and demonstration site for innovative digital solutions to problems encountered in wine production. Constructed around two axes, which are the protection of the vineyard and managing yields, it is pushing for a better understanding of technological innovations in these areas.

The digital solutions proposed are provided by 17 specialist businesses in digital agriculture. Over three years, this true living laboratory – a place of sharing, discussion, and innovation, that promotes novel solutions unique to France, has welcomed more than 400 students and 900 professionals.

After three years of evolution, the project has entered into its mature phase and now has new ambitions: better structuring thoughts around digital innovations, developing initial and ongoing training programs, and continue to involve the professional world. These include several new actions this year:

  • Creating a “commodity committee” to better aid professionals
  • Launching a center for pedagogical resources to aid access to digital technology
  • Forming partnerships with new businesses to meet specific identified needs
  • Installing new tools to define priority actions for industry issues