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French wood is playing an important role in the preparation of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, from the Olympic Village in Seine Saint Denis, the Bourget media village, the Olympic pools, to buildings and temporary equipment.

Why choose to construct with wood?
The Paris Olympic Games are aiming for environmental excellence in 2024 with low carbon games. France, in its bid package, made a big commitment: Having an even lower carbon footprint than the London Games of 2016. Using biosourced materials was an obvious route to take. Starting with wood, which stores carbon, but also with insulation materials like hemp and linen. The 21st century will be the century of wood.

What is the commitment of the French forest industry?
The ambitious goal of the industry is to construct building with wood coming from sustainably managed forests. 50% of the wood will come from France, since the availability of French resources allows for putting in place an exemplary traceability program, with the goal of local provisions, benefits in terms of jobs and the local economy, and sustainable management. The remaining 50% of wood used will come from the rest of Europe.

How is this a challenge for the industry?
Wood construction is flourishing in France. These games will be an opportunity for the French wood industry to show its abilities and its ecological and societal advantages by showing the abilities of our professionals to meet the challenge of mass production. This is an amazing opportunity to create an international showcase to encourage the use of renewable materials, the technical capacities of our industry and the competence of our businesses. The buildings will be reconverted in 2025, by the same operators, into housing and offices that will provide shelter for 6,000 people and provide buildings for 6,000 jobs.

What is the role of Francebois 2024?
FranceBois 2024 is the structure created by all the stakeholders in the French wood industry to contribute to the 2024 Olympic Games. The issues are enormous: costs, but also deadlines, must be respected. All must be ready in time for the opening ceremonies. FranceBois’s mission is to facilitate participation to a maximum number of businesses in the industry who are ready to meet the challenge.