Julien Caktus – Nous antigaspi

Smaller eggs, cakes packages with a slight error in packaging, “ugly” fruits and vegetables, and more can all be found on the shelves of “Nous Antigaspi.” Founded in May 2018 in Rennes, this chain of retailers is now heading to Paris after conquering swaths of western France.

“Numerous products are either damaged during transport, or have small physical defects. Other suffer from a small delay in shipping, or don’t meet the imposed weight requirements. These products should not all go to waste,” explains Vincent Justin, the creator of this chain of economical and green markets.

What is the philosophy of Nous Antigaspi?

The goal is to contribute to the reduction of food waste, all while working at the local level. It is door-to-door work to explain the concept directly to producers, and to propose to enhance the value of anti-food waste endeavors. The company also works with national brands.

What products are available?
There are lots of local seasonal fruits and vegetables, dairy products, seafood, meats, and some processed foods, eggs that weigh slightly less than the 53 g required in retail, bulk products, etc. In the stalls, one can also find products with short expiration “best by” dates or dates that have passed. For example, rice and pasta with “best by” dates that have passed pose no risk regarding food safety. There is also work to be done in educating customers, and to explain the difference in the different types of expiration dates.

These products are eligible to be donated?

According to regulation, yes, but in practice are not. Producer may give their already packaged products. On the other hand, all products that are rejected while being produced (not meeting weight requirements, etc.) are regularly put aside. To acquire them, there is an associated cost, for repackaging or harvesting them.

For example, an apple producer can leave fruits in his fields that he sees do not meet the requirements for mass retail. These products thus have a negative economic value. To give them away would mean in the end they would be losing money. “Nous Antisgaspi” then buys them at a decent price.