Twitter / Didier Guillaume

For the third annual summit of ChooseFrance, a unique event dedicated to promoting the economic appeal of France, dozens of the most influential business leaders from around the world, including the United States, gathered at the Château de Versailles at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron. This meeting was an opportunity for President Macron, alongside French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and with the participation of French Minister of Agriculture and Food Didier Guillaume, to promote the strengths of France with international business decision makers and to attract new investments.

During this third edition of the event, Guillaume was able to meet numerous representatives and leaders in the agricultural, food, and agro-equipment industries. The actions taken by the French President to appeal to industrial businesses (supporting high-tech industries, maintaining France’s excellence in training to adapt to the needs to business, lowering tax pressure, etc.) appealed to the investors.

During the event, some CEOs committed their company to investments in France, including two projects relating to agriculture:

  • Mr. one of an investment of 40 million euros in 2020 with the creation of 200 new jobs, to expand a site of production of agricultural machines
  • One announced their decision to build its aquaculture farm in France with an investment of 175 million euros and the creation of 160 new jobs.

Guillaume underlined that “the interest of investors in France is real; these investors are already present in France or are projecting the set up shop there. The agricultural strength of France, our rich fabric of intermediate sized businesses, our infrastructure, and our level of qualification are veritable strengths; we should be proud of them.”