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Tome de Bauges is a semi-hard cheese made from raw cow’s milk, and is a traditional agricultural product of the mountainous Savoie area of southeastern France, high in the Alps near the border with Italy and Switzerland. It has been produced here since at least the 17th century.

The cows used to produce the milk used in this cheese are fed exclusively on grass and hay, giving Tome de Bauges a woody, earthy aroma and strong hints of mushrooms, grass, cream and butter in its taste. The only cow breeds used in its production, Abondance, Montbéliard, and Tarentaise, are all native to the mountains of this area, making them perfectly adapted to the alpine climate where this cheese is born.

In recognition of the quality of this cheese product, perfected over hundreds of years in a way that instills the mountain qualities of its production environment into the final product, Tome de Bauges has benefitted from protected designation of origin status in France since 2002 and in the EU since 2007.

It is pressed, salted and aged for at least a five-week period before it is ready to be enjoyed and develops a characteristic fuzzy brownish gray mold, often called ‘cat hair’. Pair this yellow cheese with light white wines and sliced pears, which perfectly match its flavors.