©Pascal Xicluna/Min.Agri.Fr – Food Donation’s Policy of the Hospital of Mans, to fight against food waste

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food recently presented a new rule relating to fighting food waste.

This rule**, made in application of the Oct. 30, 2018 law for balancing commercial relationships in the agriculture and food sectors and for a food system that is healthy, sustainable, and accessible to all, has as its goal to extend the measures taken in the Feb. 11, 2016 law on fighting food waste to the sectors of institutional catering and the agro-food industry.

It extends to all operators of private institutional catering establishments the obligation to fight against food waste, which has already been imposed upon public and local government establishments. This process of fighting food waste will take place after carrying out a preliminary analysis, including sustainable procurement of food supplies. This measure will enter into force within one year of the publication of the decree.

Additionally, this decree extends to all operators of institutional catering and the food industry the ban on rendering consumable food unsafe for human consumption. This measure is already in place to the food distribution industry and carries a fine of nearly 4,000 euros for infractions.

The decree further extends the obligation for larger institutional catering establishments to make a good faith effort to sign a contract with a food charity to donate unsold food products.

These new measures will increase accountability for all operators in the institutional catering and agro-food industries involved in the fight against food waste. They will encourage donations to food charities and will increase transparency to the public on actions taken by the food sector to prevent and fight against food waste.

**An ordonnance in French, roughly equivalent to an executive order in the United States.